The federal initiative “for an unconditional basic income” was launched by a group of independent citizens . On October 4th, 2013 the initiative succeeded in getting over 100’000 (126’000) valid signatures, thus triggering a referendum, which will be held on June 5th 2016.

The initiative proposes the Swiss people to engage themselves in a debate on the value of work, it’s relationship with money, economic growth, the consumer society, the wealth gap, insecurity and finally, why not the principle that everybody has a right to a dignified and fulfilled life regardless of any market value. This is one of the few truly popular initiatives, that don’t rely on the resources of large organizations or parties. The debate that we propose focuses on a simple, yet fundamental question: what kind of society do we want for the 21st century?

People voting YES to the initiative will ensure that the principle of a dignified life guaranteed to all will be enshrined in the federal constitution. They trust the democratic process and the tradition of political consensus in our country that will ensure an implementation of UBI advantageous to all and thus respect the will of the people.  The realization of UBI will take several years, but in the case of a YES, every person in Switzerland will know that his/her right to a dignified life will have been recognized.

Law submitted to the popular vote

The Constitution has been modified as follows:

Art. 110a (new) Unconditional basic income

  1. The Confederation shall ensure the introduction of an unconditional basic income.
  2. The basic income shall enable the whole population to live in human dignity and participate in public life.
  3. The law shall particularly regulate the way in which the basic income is to be financed and the level at which it is set.

Initiative committee

  • Gabriel Barta, Geneva
  • Daniel Häni, Basel
  • Christian Müller, Schaffhausen
  • Ursula Piffaretti, Zug
  • Ina Praetorius, St-Gall
  • Franziska Schläpfer, Zürich
  • Oswald Sigg, Bern
  • Daniel Straub, Zürich

The Committee is independant of any political party, religoius confession, lobby or other pressure groups.