Federal Initiative for an «Unconditional Basic Income»

The federal initiative

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On june 5th 2016 a referendum will be held on the federal initiative “for an unconditional basic income”.


Unconditional Basic Income

An income that allows one to live

An unconditional basic income in a monthly pension that allows one to live.


Why vote yes?

Is the UBI necessary?

Today, the production of goods and services need less and less working people.


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From a logic of insurance to a logic of existence

Machines and digitalization are replacing ever more the human workforce. An old dream of humanity is slowly becoming a reality. However, while still based on the idea of full employment, our social contract needs to be renewed, so that even after the advent of robotics everybody will have the guarantee of a living income.


The unconditional basic income (UBI), would replace many existing welfare programmes. Given to everybody, no questions asked, it would eradicate poverty and dependence on welfare. However complementary programmes, like unemployment insurance would still exist.

Choosing one’s work

The UBI would allow us to choose a job depending on it’s advantages and conditions. It would eliminate the obligation to accept any job just to survive.

Supporting the real economy and entrepreneurship

The UBI could also play the role of a micro-credit, covering the costs of existence and thus favoring the success of young businesses.

Sharing labour

The UBI would give many people the security to choose part-time work, thus allowing other people to get a job too.

Favor the family

The parents, the children and the people who take care of close friends can thanks to the UBI better take care from each other.

Encouraging education

The UBI would democratize higher education and allow everybody to educate themselves for their entire life.

Developing creative life

The UBI encourages cultural and artistic life as well as research and innovation, which are the foundations of Swiss prosperity

Zero Risk

Today, we say YES to a fundamental principal. Our politicians and the people will ensure it’s good implementation.

The UBI …

These personalities talk about the Unconditional Basic Income:

Film “Basic income, a cultural impulse”.

Authors : Daniel Häni and Enno Schmidt (1:40′ – Germain spoken – English subtitles available)

History of social rights in Switzerland

Sketch: Solène

UBI for all and all for UBI!

“What job would you want to do with a basic income?” is question you can answer at our webcam site:  

The initiative for an unconditional basic income is supported by a network of independent citizens in all of Switzerland. This network has representatives in key regions. Below you’ll find a list with the different groups. Your region isn’t represented? Contact us! The campaign coordination will help you launch your own group. You’re too busy and can’t join the campaign? Then please support our action with your donation !